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Quit Smoking Now!'s Motivational Text/Email

Quit Smoking Now! program works with in providing motivational text or email messages to help people along in their journey to quit smoking.
Currently, in order to signup up for this program you must be enrolled in one of our courses and an instructor will sign you up for the program.

Encouraging Text Messages Help Smokers Quit Twice as Much

Health Day News and The Partnership at Drug Free stated a recent study in the UK consisting of 5,800 smokers revealed motivational text messages double smokers quit rates in study participants. These encouraging texts as well as tips to avoid cravings and advice on preventing weight gain resulted in a higher quit rate compared to the non-message group. The FSU AHEC has combined with the Florida Center for Prevention Research (FCPR) to provide you an opportunity to receive encouraging text messages so your chances of becoming tobacco free are as high as possible. The website has a text or SMS link that will get you started receiving motivational text messages.

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