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Send an e-card to an encourager

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You can select up to THREE text Messages from the list below to go with your e-card.

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Don't light it fight it
Just say no to tobacco
There is NO safe level of 2nd hand smoke
Hang Tough...Don't Puff!
Living at its best nicotine free
Be COOL - DON'T be a smoking FOOL.
Tar the roads, not ur lungs
2 much SMOKE will leave U BROKE
Buddies don't let u use tobacco
Don't give up...A QUITTER always WINS!
QUIT NOW...ur LIFE depends on it!
Cigarettes R killers that travel in packs
Cigarettes burn holes in ur pocket

Instructions how to send an e-card

Fill in the required information and change the suggested message if you want. Then select three text messages to go with the e-card. Once you are finished, hit the Send E-card button at the bottom of the page.

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