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Contact Us

For more information or questions about Quit Smoking NOW please contact one of our certified Tobacco Treatment Specialists (CTTS):

Ms. Laurie Koburger

Phone: 850-645-9710

Ms. Mary Dailey

Phone: 850-6458584

Ms. Karen Geletko

Phone: 850-645-1490

Ms. Andree Aubrey

Phone: 850-645-6439

For questions about the QSN Classes, contact Ms. Laurie Koburger: or 850-645-9710

The FSU College of Medicine AHEC Program Office

The FSU AHEC Program Office is located at the FSU College of Medicine in the Department of Family Medicine and Rural Health, Division of Health Affairs.

Our Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialists have years of experience in facilitating Quit Smoking NOW classes and we are committed to providing cessation assistance and consultation to tobacco users who want to quit.

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